Friday, January 14, 2011

Treadmill PR vs. Real PR / NW Passage Relay

Yesterday I had the best run I've ever logged on the treadmill. I didn't start off thinking that I wanted to run hard; it just happened because I was feeling good. I ran negative splits each mile, starting with 7:15 and ending with 6:44. I ran my first 3.1 miles (5k) in 21:41. When I got to this point I was excited, since this is fastest than my goal PR 5k time for the year. Maybe I should think about resetting my PR goal? I ended my 5 miles in 34:35; a 6:55 minute/mile pace. I was thrilled that I ran that fast on a treadmill and in general. The only time I've ever logged a mile under 7 minutes was my first mile of my 5k back in September, when I ran 6:55. I wish I had kept track of how fast my last 3.1 miles were - definitely faster than the first set of data I took. I hope this is just the start of a fabulous race season.

This got me thinking, since I technically PR'd yesterday on the treadmill. Does a treadmill PR count as a real PR? My personal view is no - I must run in an official race, wearing a race number, in order for a run to count as a PR. So even though I had my best run ever, it does not count in my mind for a PR. What is your opinion on this? It does give me motivation and encouragement to go out and PR. It is all mental now.

Side note - Is anyone running the NW passage Ragnar Relay with Insulindependence? I think I might sign up. It is a fun race experience (I did Madison to Chicago last year with some people), however, I'd be more tempted if I knew someone else was doing it as well. Let me know!


  1. I've run the group relays with Glucomotive, the running club of Insulindependence, for the past two years, Ragnar Relay Del Sol in 2009 and Ragnar Great River Relay in 2010. I've also run 8 other 12-runner overnight relays like that.
    They are wonderful adventures, and especially fun with a bunch of diabetic teammates.
    You should sign up!

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