Sunday, January 9, 2011

Places to Live, Work, and Vacation

I love to read other blogs to learn new things and think about ideas that I normally would not think about in my own life. I recently read on my friend K's blog that her students asked her if she had to pick three countries or cities, one to live in, one to work in, and one to vacation in, what she would choose. This, of course, got me thinking about what I would choose.

Currently, I love where I live. I like the friends I've made and my life, and could not and would not ask for anything to change. However, if I could transport everything to a new city (friends, work, everything else), I would pick somewhere in the southeast - Florida or South Carolina perhaps. I've always wanted to go there because of the warm weather and think it would be great to live in a nice climate year-round.

If I could work in a different city, I would pick somewhere in Ireland. I have always wanted to go travel there and like their accents, so teaching there would be a tremendous amount of fun.

I love to go on vacation; however, I don't go often. I do not travel well and always take a ton of stuff. Traveling disrupts routine, and I am a very routine-oriented person. If I could pick any place for vacation, I would far and away say Hawaii. I've always wanted to go there to see the islands and the bright, blue water. Although I do not swim, surf, or do anything in water, I want to go lay on the beach and enjoy a nice, long vacation there. Maybe someday...

How awesome would it be to wake up in Florida, fly to Ireland for work, and then go to Hawaii for vacation? Where would you go if you had the chance?

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