Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Height vs. Speed

Pretty much everyone I know knows that I am a runner. Since running plays a significant role in my life, I get a lot of comments about it: When is your next race? How many miles did you run today? How fast are you? You must be fast because you are skinny. You must be fast because you are tall and don't have to run very many steps in a mile. This last comment, where people think height determines how fast you can run really annoys me.

I know fast is a relative term for people, but this is all just according to my perspective. I used to be a slow runner. I ran my first half marathon in 2:17....over a 10-minute per mile pace. As I started to run more and got in better shape, I improved. My fastest half time is 1:43....a 7:50-something minute/mile pace. Did my height change between my slowest race and my fastest race? No. Did my weight change? Yes. Did my endurance level change? Yes - I got in much better shape.

I don't think it matters what your body type is - if you are short, medium, tall or skinny, normal or depends on how good of shape you are in. Even though I finish in the top percent for races, I am constantly being beaten by both males and females that are shorter. So, uneducated person, please know that height does not affect how fast I am.

Do people say any comments about running to you that annoy you? Or, is it just me? Do you agree with my perspective?

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