Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dash to Cure Diabetes Race Report

Dash to Cure Diabetes 4 Mile Trail Run (Barrington, IL)
Time: 29:04
Pace: 7:16/mile
Overall Place: 22/247
Female Place: 4/114
Age Group Place: 1/12

The race t-shirt is bright yellow, which surprised me. 

I feel like I've transformed as a runner in the past month.  I used to be extremely nervous before races, but the past few I've been unusually calm.  Even though I did not prepare at all for this race, it didn't bother me.  It was a 4-mile trail run, so I knew the distance was not going to be a problem.  I've done absolutely zero speed work in the past month, so I wasn't sure what kind of a time I was going to run.  Plus, after the Rockford Half Marathon, I've been taking it relatively easy.  I think I got a little burnt out mentally and needed to cut back a for a few weeks before preparing for MC200 relay, and the Chicago Marathon.   

When my alarm clock went off this morning, I actually forgot why it went off.  After it went off twice, I remembered that I had to get up for the race.  The race, which benefits the JDRF, was about an hour away.  The only reason I decided to run it was because it benefited the JDRF, otherwise, I would have skipped it and slept in. 

I had to register for the race the morning of, which was not a problem.  I started to stretch and did a warm-up run of 1 mile and then went back to my car to check my blood sugar.  However, I forgot my meter at home.  Does anyone else find it funny that the only time I have ever forgotten my meter is the race that benefits diabetes?  I had to laugh at myself.  I felt good though, going by feel for what my blood sugar was. 

The race started, and off I went.  I started at the front.  I've learned that people don't know how to line up for smaller races.  People who will run 9 or 10 minute miles think they should be at the front.  Therefore, I start at the front now to avoid those types of runners. 

The course was absolutely beautiful.  The only negative was an older man running next to me from miles 2.5 to 3.5 who was huffing and puffing his way along.  However, I left him in the dust the last 1/2 mile...and was happy to do so.

We got to run through this.  It was pretty awesome.

I was pleased with my overall time, although I have to question its accuracy.  There was not chip timing, and when I crossed the finish line I specifically looked at the clock, which read 28:57.  However, since this was not really a race for me, I won't complain too much.  I still averaged a 7:16 pace, which I'm happy with. 

Next weekend Chicago training starts.  I'm soooo excited!  This summer is going to be epic..I can feel it. 

The awards were coffee mugs...something new for me. 

Now, I must get to work.  I have tons to do!!

Must.  Be.  Productive.!!

Have you ever forgotten anything important for a race?  Do you feel like this summer will be epic for you as well? 

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