Sunday, May 1, 2011

Peanut Butter Duathlon Race Report

Do you ever feel an incredible sense of accomplishment after you conquer a new goal?  That is exactly how I felt after my race today.  I did not have any real goals for this race, but to have fun and relax.  I decided that I wanted to break my high school cross-country two-mile race time as well about 15 minutes prior to the start.  I needed that extra drive to do well, something to look forwarding to breaking. did happen!

First, the details:

Time: 1:24:25
Run 1: 14:18 (7:09/mile pace)
Transition 1: 58.8 seconds (put on helmet, drank some water, ate a few glucose tablets)
Bike: 53:09 (15.8 mph pace)
Transition 2: 38.8 seconds (took off helmet, walked a few steps, and began to run)
Run 2: 15:20 (7:40/mile pace)
Age group: 1/10
Female: 9/61 
Overall: 59/153  <-- so many guys did this race!

Overall, the race went well for me.  I got up at 4 a.m., had breakfast at 4:30 and tested a few times before the race.  Pre-race fuel was a few sips of Gatorade and a Clif Bar:

There were not many people at all at the race until about an hour or so before.  I went with my friend and we were the first two to arrive.....too early!!  We actually ended up leaving for a bit to find a real bathroom (not a porta-potty!). 

My friend and I talked and did a short warm-up prior to the race starting.  It was so nice that she was doing it as well.  I think it helped me remain calm, and helped my blood sugar remain at a decent number and not skyrocket, like usual.  We saw many athletes arrive and this was the first time I felt a little intimidated.  The males greatly outnumbered the females, and everyone was dressed in triathlon gear.  I felt out of place in my running tight capris and running zip-up.

The gun went off and the first run portion began.  I felt good, but it was hard to run on the grass.  The start was a steep downhill, which I flew down, but the rest of the course had many steep inclines.  I am not used to running on grass, so that was a bit challenging.  Also, the second mile was incredibly muddy.  My shoes are now a nice shade of brown.  Even though I had my Garmin on, I was surprised how quickly I ran the first run, and very proud of my accomplishment.  I knew the bike was going to be 100% mental for me.

Starting the bike portion, another ride rear-ended me, but apologized many times.  I didn't fall or anything, and frankly, didn't mind.  He was too nice and apologetic to get mad at.  The bike portion was three loops that were challenging and had many steep, steep hills...some of which were incredibly long.  I just kept thinking "slow and steady" as I biked along.  I knew I was going to be passed by multiple people, as evidence when I looked at the others' bike times in the results.  I was one of the slowest bikers!  It felt good to pass some people on my third loop, instead of getting passed by everyone.  My foot slipped out of my bike foot harness-thing (?) going up a bridge after the final lap.  I had to walk my bike up the bridge, but did not become frustrated, a major success.

After I got off the bike, my legs felt like jello.  I knew I had it in me to pass multiple people on the last run section, and that I did!  I passed over 10 people.  I felt like I was moving in slow motion, but just kept thinking of triathletes and wondering how they feel during the run.  I was so happy to finally see the finish line and utterly surprised at my time.  I sprinted to the finish and was so happy to be done.

Another girl that I passed on the second run came up to me and told me I got first for our age group.  I was in shock!  This means that in the 3 races I've run in 2011, I've gotten an award for each of them.  I would have never have guessed this could happen.

Getting my award. 

The medal that I thought I would never get.

It was written in purple - my favorite color.  Must be destiny that I was meant to get it!
The ride back to the western 'burbs was rather uneventful, but windy.  The wind was so strong during the race and even stronger on the way back.  My legs feel pretty good today and I plan on going on a long run in preparation for the Rockford Half Marathon in two weeks.  Hopefully they feel just as good when I start to run. 

Overall, I am glad I did the race.  It taught me a lot about mental toughness.  The bike portion was all mental for me, and I think I succeeded at it.  It was also neat to do a race with my best friend.  She is doing the Rockford half marathon as well, her first one ever. 

I'm the tall one...she's the short one.  We get a lot of comments related to our height.  I feel like a giant next to her a lot of the time. 

One last favorite kind of peanut butter.  I couldn't not add it since the race was called the Peanut Butter duathlon!

Did you race this weekend?  How did you do? 


  1. Wicked job, you're a rock star!! I can't believe you still kicked ass even though the biking portion wasn't your strong point. This is probably the first picture where I've seen your face. THANKS!
    Awesome race, Awesome time!