Saturday, May 14, 2011

Preparing for Rockford

Tomorrow is my 2nd half marathon of 2011, and 8th overall.  It feels like I've been training for it for a very, very long time.  Hopefully, my hard work pays off and I run the time below, or faster (1:39).

I've been analyzing the race course.  I google mapped it, which allowed me to drive it.  Although the incline chart looks bad, Google maps did not make it seem that bad.  Either way, it will be fine.

And checking the weather every hour.  The chart below is deceiving because although it says the temperatures will be in the 40s, it will feel like the upper 30s. 

It'll just be like playing in the rain, right?

Last night I started to get some of my things prepared.  It is a  never-ending task.

Multiple to-do lists

This morning I woke up and got to work.  First, I made a much-needed trip to Starbucks.  I slept awful last night, constantly thinking about the race and other things.  

I now feel much better!! 

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