Sunday, May 8, 2011

Running Free

Time can be a funny thing.  Some people are always early for things, no matter what.  Some people are late, while others are always incredibly late.  I'm a person who gets to work on time, but is always late for everything else.  I'm trying hard to break my bad habit, though. 

One area where I do care an extraordinary amount about time is running.  Running a certain pace is critical to my training and my confidence.  If I run on the treadmill, I carefully watch the time and miles go by, making sure it is where I want to be for that day.  When running outside, rarely do I leave my Garmin at home.  I like to see my pace at the end of my longer runs and it helps me analyze what I need to do better or what I have done well.

Last Friday, it was perfect running weather.  Mid 60s, sunny, and not much wind - yes, please!  I had packed my gym bag for the gym only, not for running outside.  Therefore, I did not have my Garmin.  As I was inside running on the treadmill, i kept looking outside and wishing I was there.  I decided to quit, and drive to my normal running trail to take advantage of the weather. 

It was a weird feeling not running with my Garmin, but somehow, made me more free.  I wasn't looking at my slits, and I did not even set my stopwatch on my sports watch that I wear inside.  I decided I was just going to go out and run - free of everything.  I don't know my pace for that 5.5 mile run, but it felt pretty good.  Other runners were out on the path so it was nice to be in the company of others. 

Running free let me just run and enjoy everything.  A few times I wondered how fast I was going, but then realized that I didn't care too much.  Technology is a great thing, but sometimes it is nice to take a break from it.  However, today when I do my last long run I'll have my Garmin strapped to my wrist. 

Do you ever run free?

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  1. Yep. I call it running naked, because that's what it feels like to not have all that "stuff" attached. Usually I do it when I just need to log some time and am not too concerned about mileage or pace or heart rate.