Monday, May 7, 2012

Disappearing Bar Graph Race Results

Every person I've ever known has enjoyed one subject in school more than another.  For me, I always loved math, although English was a close second in high school.  I loved algebra the most.  Solving for "x" was enjoyable for me.  I could go on and on, but that is not the point.

One of my favorite running websites is  This website compiles all of the races you've ever run and gives them to you either by year or distance.  Personally, I like to see my results by distance.  For me, this includes a "duathlon" portion, "races: road" portion and a "trail races" portion. 

A few days ago, I logged on to athlinks to see if the Illinois marathon results were up.  I love to look at the bar graphs it shows you in relation of how you finished compared to the rest of the field.  Although I can see the number numerically, I think the bar graph does a better job of depicting that information for me.  However, when I logged on to the site, it did not give my marathon a bar graph.  Thinking that was weird, I clicked on my half marathon races.  Non of them had their bar graphs, either.  All of my bar graphs no longer appear, which makes me very sad.

Thinking it was perhaps only my account where the graphs disappeared, I clicked on a friend's account.  His graphs were gone as well. 

I have to ask...are your bar graphs on the website?  Or, do you know what happened to the graphs?

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