Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Icing on the Cake

I thought the weekend of the Illinois Marathon just could not have gone any better.

Perfect weather?  Check.

Perfect race?  Check.

Perfect celebration post-marathon?  Check.

And then I opened up my mailbox last week and found a nice surprise.  In all my excitedness, I temporarily forgot that I was interviewed by the newspaper after crossing the finish line.  I opened up my mailbox  to find the newspaper from the day after the race.

As I went trough the newspaper, finding my name in the results, I glanced at their special section, only to spot my name in bold.  They have various little articles about people who ran either the half or full.  One of those articles is about me.  

When I re-read the small article, I kept thinking, "did I really say that to the reporter?!?"  I think I may have been a little too excited.  The article is quite nice, though.  Here's a brief overview:

"At the rate (insert the city I live in and my real name here) is going, she'll run a full marathon in under three hours by 2014.  (My name) marathon debut was in Chicago last fall, and she covered the course in 3:43.  In her inaugural Illinois Marathon on Saturday, her time was 3:26:40.  "I'd heard the course was flat and fast,"  (name) said.  "Awesome."  (Why did I say awesome here?!??!  I thinking because I said "awesome" about 5,329 times after the race was over).  Her reward was a time that fell significantly under the cutoff for her age (3:35) to quality for the Boston Marathon.  "I've been running competitively four years," she said.  "I started off with half marathons.  After today, I like the full the best."  

I'm not sure if I like the full marathon the best.  But, on that day, I certainly did.

Have you ever been quoted in a newspaper following a sporting event?  How did you sound?  This is the first time I was quoted, but I was in a video from the ChiTown Half Marathon (put out last week).  When I was in high school, my picture was on the front page for basketball.  

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  1. Well I was there watching you get interviewed and you really did say that stuff! You were so excited!
    but for the record he DID snag you only seconds after you crossed the finish line, even I hadn't got a chance to talk to you yet!
    it was amazing, from my perspective too!
    AWESOME! lol