Sunday, March 3, 2013

Boston Training Week #6

I realized a few days ago that I neglected to post about training week #5 for Boston, mainly because I was racing last weekend.  Week 5 was a major cut-back week, and I only ended up running 30-some odd miles.  Going into this week, I knew it was going to be big.  The first 20-miler was slated for Saturday morning and I was nervous about it.  I've never been nervous for a 20+ mile training run before, mainly because for Chicago in 2011, everything was new and exciting.  For the Illinois Marathon, I was in such great shape and had such determination while training that 20 miles didn't phase me.  This training cycle has been a roller coaster of emotions, with many peaks and even more valleys.  Here's how this week went down:

6 miles on the hills at 8:43 pace

5 miles on the treadmill at 9:20 pace
1 mile walk
3 miles elliptical

Wednesday - track
ladder workout at indoor track - 6 miles total
It was hard to do this workout because normally I do track with my club mates on Tuesday, but we canceled due to the snow storm.  I did it solo, and ended up chasing another guy around the track for the majority of the workout.  He was a little faster so it was good motivation.

7 miles at 9:02 pace
1 mile walk
3 miles stairs
2 miles elliptical

Running rest day
3 miles stairs
1 mile elliptical

20 miles of hills at 9:09 pace
1 mile walk
3 miles stairs
1 mile elliptical

6 miles at 9:22 pace

Weekly Totals

  • Running: 50 miles
  • Stairs: 9 miles
  • Elliptical: 7 miles
  • Walking: 3 miles
  • Weights: 1 time
Mindset: I feel slow and out of shape :(  I realize this is exactly how you are not supposed to feel 40-some days before a marathon, and 2 weeks before a half, but it is the honest truth.  

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