Monday, March 25, 2013

Boston Week #9

I've started tapering for the Boston Marathon and couldn't be more excited to do so.  Unlike last year, when Chicago didn't have a winter, this year it has been cold and relatively snowy.  It snowed last night.  I prefer to run in the heat any day over the cold.  My current view of warm consists of "30* and sunny"....a far cry from last year, when I was loving the 85*+ heat.

This week was more about recovery than anything else.  My race at the hilly March Madness Half Marathon wrecked my legs for the first half of the week.  If I have learned nothing else in this training cycle, it has been to listen to my body.  My body tells me what it wants, or doesn't want to do.  Sometimes we agree on things, and other times not.  This week looked like....

Bike 6 miles
Walk 1 mile
Elliptical 2 miles

I decided to not run today because I was tired from the race on Sunday.

5 miles on treadmill
Bike 7 miles
Walk 2 miles
Stairs - 4 miles
Elliptical - 2 miles

I was tired by the end of the day.  The 5 miles felt good, though, which was encouraging.

Run 5 miles at indoor track

I attempted to do a track workout this day and failed.  My blood sugar was low, and wouldn't come up. I ended up running a 1 mile warm-up with 2 sets of 800/600/200 thrown in and some recovery laps.  It pretty much sucked.

Run 8 miles
Walk 1 mile
Stairs 1 mile

For the first time in 3 years, I played basketball with some people at the gym after my run.  I played AAU growing up, but got burned out on the sport by the end of high school.  It was nice to shoot around again, and make shots.

Run 5 miles on hills
Bike 7 miles
Walk 1 mile
Stairs 1 mile

Attempted a tempo run on the hills, but only averaged 7:42 pace.  Oh well...the legs were still recovering.

20 miles

Last long run on Boston Marathon training!  Originally, I wanted to go 22, but considering that I battled low blood sugar issues the entire run, especially from miles 12 - 16 we decided to cut it short.  You know you're having a problem when you consume 2 GU's in three miles and test in at 53.  #diabeticfailure

Stairs - 2 miles
Walk 1 mile
Bike 1 mile

I was so tired from the 20 miler and from being so low during it that I slept in Sunday morning and did not run.  I listened to my body, which was screaming "DO NOT RUN!" I've never been happier to taper.

Weekly Totals
Running - 43 miles
Biking - 21 miles
Elliptical - 4 miles
Stairs - 8 miles
Walking - 6 miles
Weights - 2 times

Boston is three weeks from today...and I've never been more excited to running a marathon.  Qualifying was the hard part, which I did last year, so this year is all about enjoyment.

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