Saturday, June 20, 2009


A weird thing happens when I go low...and it happens every single time I go low - I crave cookies. I really don't like drinking juice or eating glucose tablets when I am low because they don't taste good. All I want is cookies, preferably with chocolate in them. Is a cookie the best choice to treat a low? Probably not, because it does not kick in as fast as juice, but the taste is far superior.

I have only had one cookie that I didn't like - with cranberries, probably because I don't like cranberries to begin with. However, I love all other kinds and would happily consume multiple cookies a day if they weren't so many carbohydrates, had so much fat, and were bad for me. As for now, I'll practice self-discipline and not indulge in freshly baked batch of peanut butter chocolate chips in the kitchen.

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