Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Last week while running my ankle started to hurt. I ran on it the following two days, and then the pain got worse. I took the next three days off. I hate taking days off - I feel so lazy when I do. But, I wanted to get better. I have to be healthy for the summer and my races.

On Sunday I decided to run again on my ankle. I felt good right away, and did the first two miles under 7:30 pace. My legs felt fresh and strong and I wanted to get 5 miles in. Then, the pain started. It got to be so bad that I stopped after 2.5 miles, not wanting to injure myself.

Yesterday I stayed off my foot all day. I drove from Ohio to Iowa, an 8-hour car trip so I had lots of time to look at flat corn fields and think. I realized that when I lifted my heel and went onto the ball of my foot that way, I did not have any pain. However, when i flex my toes up to my body is when the pain is most prevalent.

I iced my foot last night in hopes that it will help it. There is nothing worse than being injured. I have decided that if this issue does not work itself out by tomorrow, I'll go to the doctor. I'm sad and frustrated about the whole situation. Do you have any advice for me?


  1. Maybe it's because of the diabetes, but I avoid doctors at all costs. My running injury plan is pretty simple:

    1) I don't run at all until I detect 0 pain.
    2) After that, I don't try running for one more day. So I have a pain-free day where I'm bouncing off the walls.
    3) After 1 pain-free day, I go light and easy, preferably on grass.

    And during the time when I'm waiting to heal, I ice a lot - usually going to sleep with it.

  2. listen to your body. i understand the frustration as I'm dealing with it myself right now, but hang in there, you'll appreciate running even more when you can again. still sucks though :(