Tuesday, May 26, 2009

an anniversary almost forgotten...

Amidst the busy weekend and trying to pack up and move, I almost forgot my anniversary - my long distance running anniversary. On Memorial Day weekend three years ago I ran my first half marathon and was so proud to have finished a race that long. I didn't realize how much my time sucked (honestly!!!) but was just happy to finish in all one piece.

Having remembered my anniversary on Monday, I decided to do a nice 10-mile run in honor of my first half. I took it nice and easy - not too fast but not too slow. It was not hard on my body since I've been logging quite a few miles everyday. However, when I woke up this morning I was incredibly sore. My right ankle bone (on the outside) hurt so bad. It nagged me throughout the day, but I went running on it in the afternoon - an easy 5-mile job at 8:20 pace. It seemed like I was in slow-motion the whole time going that pace, but my ankle continued to bother me. I had some Advil so hopefully that will remedy the issue.

I always get paranoid that whenever something hurts, I have something majorly wrong. I'm sure that when my 3 alarms go off tomorrow morning (I hate getting up in the morning) I'll feel better. It's kind-of like my first half, I was a little sore, but felt better in just a few days. Hopefully I have the same result with this issue.

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