Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Today my school had a play about superheroes. Although it was long and I lost interest, compiling a list of things to do in my head for later on that day, week, month, in the future, it did give me the opportunity to think about what super-natural power I would like to have.

I thought, "would it be best to take the diabetes route, and go with the ability to be 83 at all times? Or, what about the running route, and run incredibly fast mile times?" I then pondered what life would be like if I could wave my hand and have all of my papers graded for school, or have the most time-consuming projects laid out and ready to go for me?
Then I really started to think seriously. If I didn't have challenges, life would get boring. I like having to reach for something farther in my life and the thrill of attaining goals. I am competitive and work hard at (almost) everything. I like to overcome obstacles.

So really, I don't think I would like to become a superhero. Although when I was younger, I had a "super power ring." It was gold and came out of a 25-cent prize barrel. I told my mom that its magical ability was to turn all red lights to green lights. I still have it today, although it is not in my car. Maybe I should test to see if it still has its special powers?

In the meantime, enjoy the picture below of me as a superhero.


  1. I love how the diabetic version of a superpower is eerily similar to a regular non-diabetic person...
    "With pancreatic prowess, her blood glucose remains remarkably steady without the use of insulin injections!"

  2. Thanks for the comment. Wouldn't that be wonderful?!?!