Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's a Small World

I went to hear Dr. Heile speak a couple weeks ago at a pump support meeting hosted by my endo.'s office. At that meeting, I knew one person out of the twenty-five or so that were there. However, since the meeting, I have run into two fo the people randomly. It is truly a small world.

While I was at the Flying Pig expo, I was stopped by a lady working one of the booths. She said, "hey, were you at Dr. Heile's presentation? I noticed your insulin pump and thought I saw you there." I told her yes, I was there and we struck up a conversation about his presentation, exercise and diabetes, the Flying Pig, and DESA. It was really random.

Then, tonight I had to stop at the grocery store quick and who do I run into? Another lady that sat directly behind me at the presentation. We were talking and apparently there is another insulin pump support group meeting next week. We spoke about our pumps, her Omnipod and my Minimed, insurance, CGMS, and going low. She did ask me if I graduated from, "high school or college?" When I told her I was done with grad. school, she replied that it is good to look young. It just made me smile...I used to get those comments all of the time from people.

Living in a medium-sized metropolitan area in Ohio, I never thought I would see any of the people at the pump support group. The probability of me running into two of them again was probably slim to none. But, it happened. It makes me feel happy when I can talk candidly about diabetes to people who understand and who go through some of the same things that I go through.

Support is such an important part of caring for diabetes. In the business world people have to make connections and network if they would like to do better business or change jobs, or other stuff (which I admit tingly know nothing about), but have a diabetes network is very beneficial for me, too. Therefore, I think I'll go to the pump meeting on Monday to learn some more things. Maybe I'll run into these people, too. You just never know...

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  1. a friend of my just clued me into your blog - i'm really enjoying it. moreover, i'm a type one who has recently gotten into running, and this year's flying pig was my second half marathon. it was an awesome race and its cool to know other type 1 were out there running it too!