Monday, May 18, 2009

Warning: Grumpy Post

I am grumpy today. Yes, downright grumpy. Tired. Frustrated. Stressed out. Overburdened.

In a nutshell, my sensor went bad last night and I called Medtronic. It seems as though every time I call, which has been often recently, I get different answers. I know that it is not realistic to expect everyone to be 100% on the same page, but all the different help people give different advice. The lady I was talking to last night (when I should have been getting my beauty sleep) told me I was calibrating at the wrong time. She attempted to explain to me the good times to calibrate a sensor, which I replied by saying I have already talked with my doctor about this and my times are just fine, thank you very much. Was I a bitch? Probably. Was I tired and frustrated? Totally...I wanted to throw my pump out of my window.

I do like Medtronic, I just don't like it when people tell me different answers every time I call. A supervisor called me this afternoon and he is sending a replacement sensor, which is what should be done in my opinion. I spoke with the pump trainer here and left her a message about my recent problems with the sensor. Being the kind, caring, and nice person, she has tried to figure things out, too. I saw the sales rep. tonight and she is also nice. She wears the CGMS and said that sometimes she gets frustrated at it, too.

After calling my dad about the sensors and a nice cry when I was on the phone, I do feel better. Am I asking for pity? Not at all. Sometimes I have bad days, and today was one of those days. The good thing is that tomorrow is another day, and I'll more than likely be happy again.

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