Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sensors, Technology, and the Future

As you know (if you have been reading my blog), I have been having problems with my CGM sensors and system. However, I have been pleased with my current sensor. It has been pretty accurate for the most part. Today when I calibrated before I ate lunch was the farthest it had been off. It said I was 194 when my finger stick read 151 (I hate being that high at lunch, but a correction put me back in line for the afternoon).

It is amazing how much I now rely on technology. I resisted getting a pump for many years and for various reasons. It was not until a little over three years ago that I gave in and got one. I thought it was okay at first, and as I had it longer and longer it grew on me. I can't imagine my life without it now. The thought of going back to taking insulin shots does not appeal to me at all. I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was 4 years old so over my lifetime I have taken my fair share of shots. And do not miss them.

Now, I not only rely on my pump but also my CGMS. Technology has let me take better care of myself and I hope in the future that it continues to get better. I recently had the opportunity to talk to a person who works for Minimed and asked what new products they would be coming out with in the near future, since it seems like they have not had anything new for awhile. She said they are close to make the sensor for the CGMS and the pump infusion site one set. I think that would be great - I would have to wear one less thing on my body. I hope it comes out soon, and works well!

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