Monday, June 15, 2009

Vitamin K

This past weekend my dad gave me an article to read about the older percentage of the population fracturing bones. He brought it home and handed it to me, saying "I think this might be valuable to you." I looked at it, set it on the kitchen table, and continued on with what I was doing. Last night I read the article, which stated that Vitamin K (I had never heard of this vitamin before) helps promote strong, healthy bones. The article recommended that older people take it because they have an increased chanced to fracture their bones.

Knowing this information and being determined to heal my stress fracture quickly, I decided to look for Vitamin K at the grocery store. I pa roused the health market aisles, looking for it, but did not have any luck. I spoke with the health foods manager, who told me that you must have a prescription to get Vitamin K. It sounded a little fake to me. I mean, why would it not say anything about getting a Vitamin K prescription in the article?!?!

Tomorrow I am going to search for Vitamin K around the "city." I am determined to heal this stress fracture as fast as possible.

FYI - My first race of the summer was Saturday. It was cold and rainy during the 4-mile race. They had many people registered that didn't show up. One neat thing is that they had chip timing, but the "chips" (actually a piece of black plastic) didn't' have to be turned in; instead, you could throw them away. I had never been to a race that had throw-away chips. People are getting smarter!


  1. Keep eating you greeen veggies for vitamin K.

  2. A drug called Ketamine was once called vitamin K, and still gets confused with it. Ketamine requires a prescription.

  3. "ketamine" isn't vitamin k though... also, be very careful with taking vitamin K if you can find it. it's a fat soluble vitamin and easy to overdose on. that may be why you can't find it or need a prescription for it. eat your spinach for natural vitamin K your body can absorb easier anyway!!