Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Diagnosis: Fibula Stress Fracture

This past weekend I attempted to run, only to find out that I couldn't because I was in so much pain. My leg was feeling awful, and I knew a visit to the sports doctor was inevitable.

Luckily, one of the nurses used to be our neighbor and was able to get me in to see the doctor yesterday. I spoke with him about my issues and he understood both mentally and physically what I am going through, since he is a runner himself. I got 7 x-rays done and then came back to speak with him again. As it turns out, I have an extra bone in my foot (weird), and a stress fracture in my fibula.

The doctor told me it was the best bone to choose, since fibula fractures take the shortest amount of time to heal - 4 weeks. In the meantime, I can ride the bike or attempt the elliptical, but he told me to listen to my body. If something hurts - stop doing it. I still can't really walk today so I haven't done anything.

Every time I thought about my leg this weekend I started to cry. I can't race this summer, and my hopes of running a marathon in the fall have been wiped away. The first race I signed up to do is on Saturday, a local 4-mile "gallop" around an older neighborhood in the city. It is the second race I signed up for that I am most disappointed I cannot run. It is a 7-mile hilly race about an hour south of here. However, my uncle, cousin, brother and I were all going to compete in it together. I guess the showdown will have to happen next year.

According to the doctor, rest and calcium are the two things that help stress fractures heal the fastest. Given the fact that I do not drink milk, I have decided to eat a lot of yogurt- a dairy product that I kind-of like. Do you know anything else that can help, or what to do? I'm hoping for a speedy recovery.


  1. Hi Girl! Sorry to read about your facture & for it to happen now when you actually have time to run...what a drag. Get better soon! Go see a a good something to pass the time.

  2. so sorry to read this, and unfortunately, I can completely sympathize, except that mine is the in the tibia. I know it sucks to wipe the slate clean of any plans you had... but you will get better. I've been told to take additional calcium and vitamin D, which helps with absorption. take care.