Tuesday, July 7, 2009

On Being Cold and a Funny Story

I am cold about 99.9% of the time. Right now it is summer and I am wear long pants and a jacket, and it is in the mid 70s. I often wonder if ice runs through my veins..???

I recently went to a movie theater, a very cold place to begin with. The movie was good and held my attention, but my mind kept wondering off and thinking about how cold I was, which made me think of something that happened about a year and a half ago. Please know that as I am typing this story, I am actually laughing.

Two years ago I lived with three other people. As part of a program I signed up for, we had to do "community events" together. That could be anything from going to a movie (as in this story) to shopping to going out to eat. We were just supposed to spend time together.

We decided to go to a movie at night, which started at 9 or 10 I think...not too late. We got there, chose our seats, and talked with each other before the movie began. When the movie began, one of the people I was with dug into the bag she brought to the theater and pulled out a blanket. I about died, thinking in my head, "who does this?!?! maybe a child under the age of 5, but not a 20-something!" However, it would make more sense if you knew the person. She means so well, but is just socially awkward beyond belief.

Don't gets better. So the movie is playing and I was watching it, only to look over at the person with the blanket to see her asleep in her movie chair, covered with her blanket. A lot of times I fall asleep during movies, although I do it when I am in the comforts of a house, not out in public. As the movie progressed, I continued to sneak glances at her, and she remained asleep for the majority of the movie. My favorite line of the whole night was when we got back to the car. One person asked the blanket-sleeping person how she liked the movie, to which she replied, "it was really good." It took all of my might not to break out laughing.

This is a memory that I think I will always have of my time spent in Ohio. It always makes me laugh and always will. Another person who was at the movie theater with us that night and I talked about this event this year, and still laughed about it.

Although I am usually cold, it is for sure that I will never bring a blanket into the movie theater. I'd rather turn blue....

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