Monday, July 20, 2009


I have loved my CGMS and hated it during other times since getting it a few months ago. Currently, I like it. It has been pretty accurate and given me good, solid information to help me manage my diabetes better. However, there is one bad thing about it: it has left me scarred.

I only wear my sensor on my side, and it is apparent, and very ugly. There are little dots from where the sensor was in my body and also some light bruising. I am not sure if everyone who wears a sensor has these issues, or if it is just me? So if you have advice for me, I would greatly appreciate it. Until then, I'll remain scarred...


  1. I have the same marks. I wear it on my upper thigh during the winter and it sticks out. during the summer I move it and my pump into my upper butt. that way the swimsuit covers it ( i live in a swimsuit during the summer). On the leg i find my jeans are a little harder to pull up without snagging it and when i sleep i have to be conscious of how i flip over. In the butt, none of these things is an issue. the scars go away. i changed locations about a month ago and i now have only light red spots that are mostly covered by a tan.

  2. I've noticed that, too! You can see where my last pump infusion was, but like my past three Dex sensors were.

  3. The Navigator site often bruises the hell out of my butt; and my minimed pump infusion sites leave tons of dots all over my posterior.

    Best of all during the C'Ville marathon the CGMS came loose and covered my shorts in blood - that was really great.

  4. Marcus - I agree with you - for sure the last 3 sensor spots show up. My pump spots get dots, but not bruises.

    Ironbolus - I have polka dots all over from my pump sites, too. I had a bad sensor during the Flying Pig and it took days and days to heal, although it didn't bleed during the race like yours. I wish there was a way so it wouldn't happen!