Monday, July 13, 2009

On the Move...

The past few years I have had my fair share of moving - from Iowa to Minnesota to Ohio and in August, to Illinois. (feel free to ask any questions about living in the upper Midwest - I'm sure I can answer them) For the past two years I have lived in southwestern Ohio while completing my master's degree and teaching in a volunteer program. I never thought I would live in Ohio, home of the Buckeyes, since I always have been/will be a Hawkeye fan. But, I ended up there, and am glad I had that experience.

In June, I moved back to Iowa for a few months. This past fall I interviewed at a school in the Chicago suburbs and got offered a teaching job for the upcoming school year. It was everything I hoped for...I wanted to be closer to my family and friends, live close to a big city without actually being in one and teach in an affluent school. I am a little sad to leave behind some people/things in Ohio, but am looking forward to what comes next for me.

With this being said, I went to look for an apartment this past weekend. After touring various apartments, I chose one that is in the suburb I'll be teaching in. I'll have a five minute drive to my school and covered parking, both a huge plus. Covered parking means that I'll get to sleep in an extra 10 minutes in the winter instead of spending time scraping the ice and snow off of my car (and I'm not a morning person, so this means a lot!). Another thing that sold me was that there are a 5k and 10k trail about a 1 minute walk from where I'll be living.

My move-in date is in early August - the 8th to be exact. I am excited to be moving and close to Chicago. Another exciting thing that I heard is that DESA might have their convention in Chicago next year, which I would love to attend. So if you are in Chicago let me know...because I'm guessing no one is coming to Iowa for anything anytime soon.

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