Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Bet You've Never Had a Worse Diabetic Day

Yesterday was the worst day of my diabetic life that I can remember - and I can remember all days I have had diabetes since I was diagnosed when I was four. That would mean worse than all 20.5 years of living with the D.

I woke up and my meter just read "HI." Being the perfectionist that I am, I was incredibly frustrated. I didn't understand why I was sooo high. I felt beyond awful as well which did not help matters. I decided to guess as to how much insulin I should take and ended up with 7 units. I had to keep getting ready and then left to go to school and teach for the day. At 9 a.m. I get a break and I tested again. My meter still registered 'HI!' I was furious.

I am rarely high, and the effect of the high was tearing my body down. I was incredibly thirsty and my normal thermos of coffee made me want to throw up. I looked in my purse for my water bottle only to realize that I forgot it. How could I have done so today, of all days? Luckily, a teacher across the hallway gave me one. I chugged it down in 1 minute and refilled in numerous times throughout the day.

I continued to feel awful and was able to test again at noon - 598. Yay...I actually got a reading. I entered the number in my pump and took a major correct again. I was able to test again at 1 - 490. Good, I though, I am actually coming down - IT'S ABOUT TIME!

Not 2:15 I was 473. I decided to change my pump tubing and site and then took another bolus. It worked that time because by 3:30 I was 388. I then started to go down quickly; by 4:45 I was 265 and then by 6:15 I was down to 108.

I didn't eat anything because I thought I would just get sick, but I felt so weak from being so high that day that I had some cheese and celery. Those were the only two items of food that sounded decent.

I had somewhere to go last night and when I got back at 10 I was 120. I thought that was good but was scared to go to bed after the day I'd had. I set my alarm for 3 am to test. When the alarm went off, I turned it off and decided to roll over and go back to sleep. I woke up this morning on the low side - 64, but felt 200 times better. Today my body has been recovering from yesterday.

I know I cannot have perfect blood sugars all of the time but I thought I was going to lose it yesterday. I think my pump tubing had an issue because after I changed it out I felt dramatically better. I'm just glad yesterday is over and every day is a new day to start things over again.


  1. Funny, just yesterday i had one of those days. i think the pump site went bad. 480 first thing. thought i was going to throw up. was planning on how i could drop my kids at school before driving to the ER if needed. but insulin being what it is about 30 minutes later i started to feel better. By the time i got to school I was starting to feel almost human. I got my kids to school a few minutes late (usually we are 20 min early) and i made it to my classroom with only 10 min till students showed up. Thank God for first period prep. without it i would never had made it through the day.
    i've made it my thing that anytime i'm over 400 i change the pump site (unless i decided on a whole pizza and hot fudge sundae and forgot to bolus). ive done so many of the all day 400's to finally decide to change later. and being 100 after a full day of that SUCKS!!!

  2. Yuck, I'm sorry to hear about the poopy day!
    Way to go on not over-correcting...While I know it's not wise... I always do, and then worry about preventing the bounce back later.

  3. Ugh that sounds horrible! My heart goes out to you. Glad you're feeling better!