Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Olympic Mania

Today was the first day of school after a nice 4-day break and all my students could talk about were the Vancouver Olympics. I love the Olympics and have watched some of the events so far and it is always fun to talk about them with my 35 lovelies. (yes...that is right...I have 35 in my homeroom)

I grew up an avid sports fan and went to many college and professional games when I was younger. I also played a variety of sports and know a lot about them so it only makes sense that I would love the Olympics. Granted, I love the summer Olympics more than the winter games, but both are great. Who could not want to watch an athlete flying down a snow-covered mountain in a beautiful area or speeding down the luge track? I have friends that are not as big fans of sports as myself, and I know I am on one extreme end, but it is the thrill of it all that just gets me.

When I was in high school I once wrote 100 goals that I wanted to accomplish in my lifetime. I don't have the list anymore, but I do have a pretty good memory and remember the majority of the things on my list. Some I have already accomplished, such as run a 1/2 marathon, while others are dreams - like go to the Olympics.

Part of the reason why I love the Olympics so much is because I am interested in peace and justice. The games bring the world together, all in one venue, where athletes compete against each other but not fight. No one will be killed because of another person. It is a celebration, not a war. In the fall I was so excited when the IOC was deciding where the 2016 summer games would be held, especially since Chicago made the top 5. On my high school 100 list was to go to the Olympics and that would make it possible since I live so close to the city. However, the IOC chose Buenos Aires instead. I am glad that the games will be in South America, but would have loved them in my backyard. So maybe that item won't get crossed my list in the near future, but, hopefully, it will someday. In the meantime, I plan on watching the games on TV and hoping that the spirit of the Olympics helps promote peace in the world.

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