Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pure Happiness 1-5

Alison over at Lemonade Life started blogging about things that make her happy. I thought it was interesting reading what she posted, things that are important to her. I had a list going on my computer about things that I like/things that make me happy and am going to be posting them sporadically...not all at once. If you read my blog, you know that I love running, but you might not know what else I love. So, let the fun begin.

*Know that my things are in no particular order*

Family - I felt like although my list is in no particular order, I had to start with this one. My family means the world to me although I do not live close to them. I can't just go over to my parents house if I want, but I often call them to tell them things. My parents have always supported me in whatever I chose to do, from running to teaching to my education. I know I am bias, but I feel like I have the best parents in the world.

Jack Johnson songs - I love Jack Johnson's music. I wasn't a total fan when he first came out, but over time I have like him more and more. It is softer music that I turn on when I am stressed out or feeling overwhelmed and it makes everything better. My favorite song of his is Better Together, with Bubble Toes a close second.

Word Jumbles - In the newspaper where my parents live they have a word jumble everyday. I used to not like the jumble because I could never solve it, but this summer I started trying to do it and was successful. I have been hooked ever since. In case you are not familiar with the jumble game, you are given letters jumbled up and you have to form a word from the letters. There are typically 4 words. Some words have circled letters in them. You then must unscramble the circled letters to solve a riddle. I love solving them.

The book Nickel and Dimed - I had to read this book my 2nd year of college and it changed my world perspective. It is about a woman who works minimum wage jobs in three different towns in America and the struggles that she encounters. This book brought to my attention that there are many, many people who struggle to get by in America.

Setting a PR - I had to include at least one running thing in my first happiness post. The accomplishment of breaking my old personal best and setting a new one gives me an adrenaline high. I love it and wish every race could be a PR race. Crossing the finish line of a half marathon knowing that I shattered my former PR is my favorite feeling.

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