Saturday, March 13, 2010


This week I was talking to my friend in Ohio. We were catching up on life and everything else, including running. She told me that she is doing the Cincinnati Flying Pig half marathon this year and asked if I wanted to do it again. Since I like to race and want to visit her anyway, I said yes...I didn't even have to think about it.

Although the Flying Pig isn't until early May, it gives me more motivation to train harder now. I did the Flying Pig half last year as well, setting a PR while getting sick with a high blood sugar. Try running when your CGM says you are 120 and you believe it but your machine says "HI" at the end of the race for 13.1 miles. Every race I enter I want to PR, and, luckily for me, it has happened since I've started to race competitively.

Since I want to PR so much, I am more motivated to work out. Not only have I started to run farther this week, but also incorporate some type of cross training into my workout every day - either biking or the elliptical. Know what lies ahead of me in hilly course that the Pig has improves my motivation. I want the PR!

What motivates you? Races? Nice weather, which is something I've also had this week? Trying to attain a PR? Will you be at the Flying Pig?


  1. I will not be at the F.P... but it sounds great - and you have found your motivation! Good for you... keep it up! (Mine is vacation! Nothing like the fear of being seen in a bathing suit to get me moving again!!!) ;-)

  2. i'm doing the flying pig marathon relay this year with my family! i did the half last year - i gotta say i think its one of the most fun races around.