Monday, March 22, 2010

What does a runner look like?

A few weeks ago I was out with some friends. We were eating dinner and I was sitting by one person I did not know. Next to me was one of my friends who also runs and I asked her how her training was going, as she hurt her hip a few months ago. She talked about it and some races she was hoping to do this summer and then asked me about my future race plans. I told her about my planned 5ks, half marathon, and full marathon as well as some others I am thinking about running. To get to the point, the guy that was sitting by me who I did not know said, "I am not surprised to hear that you run. You look like a runner." This comment got me thinking...what does a runner look like?

From my observations, good distance runners are typically lean and leggy. Do I fit that mold? Leggy - check, maybe too leggy (I'm 6'1"; no comment related to my height is necessary). Lean - BMI is 19. But, I always feel like I can lose some weight. What else defines a runner? Perhaps my long hair tied into a mess ponytail? The ever-present sports watch, which is always on my wrist during a run but not when I go out? The length of shorts? I know this one sounds funny, but it is so true. Have you ever seen runners wear baggy shorts or shorts that go past mid-thigh?

What do you think a runner looks like? Do I look like a runner? hm...


  1. you definitely look like a runner! i think it easy to tell the runners (lean, athletic) from the wanna-be runners (like me! short, and NOT lean) haha.

  2. hard question... i definitely don't fit that "runner's mold"... i'm short and squat, i'm never going to be in the front of the line at a race finish... but i still qualify myself as a "runner", no matter how slow i am. I think of it m ore as a mental thing, a will to finish, a will to see what my body can do. Even with my short legs and my insulin pump in tow, i finished a half marathon, which i am insanely proud of, even if my time is no where in the vicinity of you tall lanky "real runners"!!