Thursday, March 4, 2010


I'm not one of those people who lay out their clothes the night before. How do I know what color I'll feel like wearing the next day to work, or what outfit I'll want to run in the following day? I pack my bag for the gym in the morning and have a nice routine. Or, I thought I did.

When I got to the gym today I was getting changed and realized I forgot my socks. Three things came across my mind: 1. I could go home and get socks and come back, which I vetoed. 2. I could wear my brown dress socks that I wore to teach in today to run in, which I also vetoed since I like to match. or 3. I could run and not wear socks. I decided on #3.

I started running and my feet felt okay...not great, but I didn't except they would without socks on them. I did my run - 8 miles - and then walked a mile to cool down. After I was done, I was walking back to the locker room and realized that my feet hurt a little. It was not until I came back to my apartment and took off my shoes that I realized what damage had been done.

It looks like I have 3 blisters forming on my left foot. Before I put socks on my feet I slathered both of them with neosporin. Tomorrow the real damage will be apparent. Have you ever run without socks? Was their any damage to your feet?


  1. I have walked sock-less - and it was all bad. I walked with bad socks (not for walking...), also bad. I am all about the socks now. I hope your feet aren't in too bad of shape. Take care of them. =I

  2. i did the same thing a couple of months ago and went sockless. to my surprise 7 miles later- no damage at all. i guess it was a really good shoe fit. like butter!