Monday, November 8, 2010


The Hot Chocolate 15k wrapped up my race calendar for 2010, and I could not have asked to end it on a sweeter note. This race was by far and away my best of the year. Although not everything went according to plan, the end result was great.

The race temperature was an incredibly cold 30-degrees, which caused major stress on my psyche trying to decide what to wear. I ended up over-dressing and threw my gloves away at mile 6 to get some ventilation. However, the biggest conundrum was that my Garmin stopped working on the way to the race. I thought I was doing to die, but then realized that it is not like I've always had it. I have run the majority of my races without it, and so this will just be another. (Side note: it is now functioning.)

The race was crowded, but I managed to get into starting corral B. This was wonderful!!! I got to start near the front, which benefited me later in the race. The race went well, and I really don't have a whole lot to report. The post race party was delicious and I consumed a fair amount of chocolate. Below you can find my stats:

Distance: 15k
Chip time: 1:12.04
Pace: 7:44/mile
10k time: 47:28
Overall Place: 843/12,356 (top 7%)
Gender Place: 215/8/150 (top 3%)
Age Group Place: 65/2,272 (top 3%)

I am glad this race ended well. It gives me more motivation for the upcoming year, and helps me set some more goals for myself.

Are you done racing for the year? How did your last race go?

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  1. Yay! That sounds like a lot of fun.

    I am just getting started with racing! Now that my recovery is over, I have my sights set on some holiday 5ks which will roll right into Spring before I know it.