Sunday, December 11, 2011

Reviewing Week 1 of Illinois Marathon Training

Most marathon training plans take 18 weeks to complete.  Depending on how many you have actually competed, or your goals, they may differ.  I am confident that none of the plans say run 17 miles in week one just for the fun of it.  Although, Tuesday's 17 miler was wonderful. 

Below you can see what I was actually supposed to do this week (in black), and what ended up getting done (in purple). 

What went well: I felt great on both Thursday and Friday during my runs.  Although Thursday's average was a 7:52 pace, the first mile was done in 8:43, with all of the others between 7:29 and 7:45.  Friday I felt so great while running and didn't realize how fast I was going, therefore, it became an unintentional tempo run. 

What needs to be done better: Pace.  Pace.  Pace.  I need to retrain my body to run at training run speed, not race speed, for all runs.  I did better on my 11 mile run today, but the average was still 8:26.  I need them to be around 9:00 pace instead.  Also, I want to do my track workout every week.  Yes, the unconventional 17 miler on Tuesday was rather sporadic and nice, but track will help me become a better runner, which is what I want. 

Goal for week 2: Complete Tuesday track work and run slower on Sunday. 

For this marathon, I am going to keep track of everything, including workout types for track and pace.  Although I kept track of my mileage during Chicago Marathon training, I did not note my pace.  From what I know and have read and learned, pace plays an important role in preparation for the marathon. 

On a side note, I have once again managed to get almost no Christmas shopping done yet.  I have 1 gift for my mom.  Other than that...nothing.  I'm going out of town next weekend so no shopping will be done.  I guess that leaves the few days before Christmas, just as in years past. 

Are you a person that procrastinates shopping for Christmas presents, or do you shop the day after Thanksgiving?  I have never shopped on Thanksgiving weekend (Friday - Sunday after the holiday) and  plan to keep it that way. 

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  1. I am lucky, my family tells each other exactly what we want, mom then divids it up among us, so all I have to do is go online and buy it