Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Rethinking the Plan on Day 2

This weekend I made myself a plan that I thought I could stick to while training for the Illinois Marathon.  I based it off of what I knew worked for my body and what I learned from running the Chicago Marathon.

I am only on day 2, and as far as my success rate goes, I am at 0%.  I ran 10 miles on Sunday, the day before my training plan officially started, and decided to run an easy 2 mile recovery run before biking and lifting. 

And then there was today.  Track Tuesday turned into a 17 mile training run with a friend.  That would be 10 more miles than I was supposed to run.  Although we ran slow, about a 10:00 average, I am hoping it doesn't alter my plans for the rest of the week too much.  I feel great right now, about an hour post-run, so I'm hoping recovery will go well.  It kind-of amazes me that my body remembered running that many miles from marathon training this summer/fall, even though it has been over a month and a half since I ran that distance.  It gives me hope for this upcoming training plan. 

Will I complete my track workout this week?  I'm thinking it will either be on Friday or else I will have to end up skipping it.  I'll make the call later in the week and analyzing how I feel. 

I do not want to make running this many miles on a weekday a regular occurrence.  We were running close to 3 hours, which is a lot of time to devote to running on a weekday night.  But, I'm glad I did it for my friend.  Sometimes it is hard to motivate yourself to run that many miles and having another person to hold you accountable and just run the miles with you really helps.  

Do you make training plans for yourself and stick to them?  When I trained for half marathons in the past, I always had "mental training plans" that I completed.  It is different with marathon training, as it requires so many more details than a half marathon. 

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  1. In the "off season" I am way more relaxed on my training schedule, I dont fret if I miss something or dont go as long, for me, dealing with this bad weather is enough to drive me crazy in the winter, I dont need to stress about my training plans,

    Once spring hits, its the complete opposite