Monday, December 19, 2011

Tis the Season

Favorite Christmas Cookie: A Reese's peanut butter cup in peanut butter dough.  So, so good.

Favorite Christmas Song: Christmas in Killarney by Bing Crosby.  It is not well-known, but I love it. 

Favorite Christmas Tradition: Every year my parents get a real Christmas tree for their living room (they have a fake one in the basement).  As a family, we decorate the tree on Christmas Eve together.  My dad is in charge of getting the ornament hooks untangled, while my mom, sister and I put ornaments on the tree.  Typically, my brother watches, although this year he is not coming to Iowa for Christmas (he'll be in LA instead vising other family members).

Christmas Plans: My immediate family always exchanges gifts on Christmas Eve before going to church.  On Christmas day we travel south to see my mom's siblings and their children (my cousins), and my grandma. 

Number of People I know that have a Christmas birhtday: 1 - my great aunt was born on Christmas. 

Favorite Christmas ornament: I wish I had a picture of it, but you'll just have to visualize it.  When my brother was young - like 5or 6 - he made my mom a teenage mutate ninja turtle ornament - I believe it is Michelangelo.  He drilled a hole through a round rock and painted a face on it.  I'll take a picture of it and post later.  It is pretty quality.

What I'm hoping to get this year:  I don't ask for a whole lot for Christmas.  In my family, we always make lists of items we want my parents/siblings/grandparents to buy for us.  This year I asked for a running medal hood that was custom-made and purple.  I'm not sure if my mom found one/got someone to make it.  I hope so.  My birthday and Christmas gifts are typically combined, and I'm sure I'll get stuff, I just don't know what.  It is a mystery.

Favorite Christmas Movie: White Christmas by Irvin Berlin.  It is old, but my favorite movie.  My sister and I typically watch it together and she quotes the entire thing.

What tops my Christmas trees (both in Illinois and my parents in Iowa): Angels.

Do I send out Christmas cards: I used to, but now I only send a few out to my favorite people and friends that live far away.

Do I wish I had a birthday a different time of year?  No, not at all.  I love my birhtday being in the middle of December.  I love the whole month.

Thoughts on Snow: I love the first snow and think it is absolutely beautiful.  I hate driving in it, though.  I get very nervous, even after living in Minnesota for 3 years.

Ultimate gift i want but never get: I wish I could be chauffeured around everywhere.  I really do not like driving, in the summer or winter.  If someone offers to drive me somewhere, I'll happily agree.

Family and Christmas: No matter what place I am in in my life, I will never have Christmas away from my family.  They mean too much to me, and I love seeing them.  It is the only time of year I am guaranteed to see my sister, which I enjoy even though we are complete opposites. 

Favorite Gift Ever Received: This is a tough question for me.  My mom framed old artwork that she made in high school a few years ago for me, my sister, brother, and dad.  I got a flower piece of artwork which I love and have displayed.  Last year she gave us each the Time magazine from the year we were born.  A few years ago she framed old post card stamp envelopes that had my (deceased) grandpa's name and address on them and gave them to the kids and all of her siblings.  Each of those gifts is very special to me.  None of them were asked for, but things my mom gave just because she is generous. 

Favorite Gift Ever Given: I am not a very good gift-giver for the holidays.  As far as gift for my family are concerned, I once made a generous donation to a domestic violence shelter in honor of my parents one year for their gift.  I also made my brother a scrapbook of various pictures from our childhood and adult lives which I was quite proud of.  This was before my blogging days, otherwise I would have photographed it.  It took a lot of time to assemble, going through a lot of old pictures. 

Absolute favorite thing about Christmas: I get to spend time with my family.

Your turn: answer one or more of the following questions.  Are you like me or different?

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  1. Favorite Christmas Cookie: I have two favorites that I made after finding them online: chai snickerdoodle cookies and eggnog thumbprints

    Favorite Christmas ornament: We have these things that spin the ornaments and I always put them on this giant polar bear that lies on his belly.

    Favorite Christmas Movie: "The Santa Clause!" When the 3rd installment of it came out, I went to the theater to see it... and I hardly ever go to the theater.

    What tops my Christmas trees: My former roommate made fun of me but growing up we had a horrendous gold star with lights. You can find them at dollar stores everywhere. We've had the same one since I was little. I'm all for a wacky & tacky Christmas.

    Ultimate gift I want but never get: I have to gift myself. I get money or unfortunately, useless gifts. Okay, anyways, I want massages and so I buy them for myself.

    P.S. I like driving! It really calms me and that must sound insane because I live in Southern California traffic!

    Absolute favorite thing about Christmas: People everywhere! Crowds are rough though.