Sunday, March 4, 2012

19 Miles of Wonderfullness

Having a positive attitude going into a run makes all the difference in the world.  This morning I told myself this was going to the best 19 miles I've ever run, and it happened.  The thought that I've never gone on a 19-mile training run made the success that much better.

After not completing long runs the past 2 weeks to attempt to let my knee heal (12 and 11 miles each week), and the marathon now less than 2 months away, I knew today had to go well.  After experiencing a horrific diabetes-wise week where my blood sugars decided they liked all numbers in the 40s and nothing else, I was ready for a good run.  Deliberately bolusing less and taking in carbs during the run helped combat lows, even though I still ended on the low side.

What was special about this run was the fact that it was a negative split run.  I felt great the last 5 miles.  The sun was out and the wind was at our backs for those last miles, which definitely helped.  When I finished I felt good...ready to conquer the Illinois Marathon. 

As a matter of fact, despite having lows all week, my training went really well.  I ended up running 49 miles for this week - the most I've run since I began marathon training.  I wore my new Newton shoes on a few runs and am liking them more and more. 

Below is what I actually accomplished this week:

Running Miles = 49 miles
Biking Miles = 39 miles
Walking Miles = 9 miles
Weights = 2 times
Laps in the Pool = 8 (I think I might be the most proud of this number)

The weather this upcoming week is supposed to be practically perfect.  I can't wait for another good week of training.

How was your week?

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