Sunday, March 11, 2012

It Could Be Worse...

On Friday night I discovered my QuickSet inserter for my insulin pump was missing.  I used to have a few, but they've disappeared and I couldn't find one.  Not worrying too much about it because everything was fine, I continued on with my normal life.

Then came Saturday.  I woke up incredibly high, where it feels like your mouth is stuffed with cotton.  Normal activities just are not fun.  Knowing I wanted to get in a short run, I went to the gym in the afternoon to run an easy 3 miles (I took Friday off).  Before I ran, my blood sugar was 115.  After, 274.  I immediately bolused and continued on living my life.  Not really feeling a whole lot better an hour later, I tested again - 263.  I once again bolused, and tested again about 30 minutes later - 265.  Really?!!?  That is the kind of stuff that makes me frustrated. 

When I went to bed on Saturday night I was 227.  I bolused a correction.  I woke up 240, only to retest and find myself at a lovely 298 30 minutes later.  Knowing I had to eat and feeling like absolute crap, I bolused.  I had a race Sunday morning and feeling like crap is not desirable for a 10k.  At this point I knew my set was bad, but there was nothing I could do about it except use needles to take insulin shots - something I had not done for over 7 years. 

I'll be writing up my race report when the official results are posted, but when I finished the race my blood sugar was 350.  It now makes sense why I wanted to stop at mile 4.5 and throw up.  I was supposed to run 13 more miles today, but that did not happen.  It could not have happened.  I have switched to taking all of my shots via MDI now until I can get a Quick Serter mailed to me.  It is times like these that diabetes just sucks.  But, it could be worse.  This could have happened to me the night before my marathon. 


  1. Well rats. That sucks - I'm sorry...I hope you get it all figured out soon, and like you said - better now than right before the marathon.

    Take care of you...

  2. wow.
    can i tell you what hit me the most? the last line, "this could have happened to me the night before my marathon." because that's what happened to me but worse the night before my marathon. It really was the "worst case scenario!"
    I hate feeling like a know-it-all but you can manually put the Quick Sets in.

  3. Oh no!!!! Do you have one on the way to you? Because I have a spare I could send to you if you need it. (Email me if you do!!) Actually, I put my site in without the Quick Serter every so often, just to make sure I can - it's pretty easy and pretty painless. For some reason, I still prefer to use the serter though. :)