Saturday, March 10, 2012

Let the Racing Season Begin

Does the racing season ever truly end or begin?  You can run races outside in the middle of winter now, or even compete in triathlons indoors in the winter.  But in my mind, racing season begins in March and ends at the start of November.  It correlates with nice weather. 

Even though I have already completed one race this year, I feel that tomorrow will mark the beginning of my racing season.  Winter races are great for a variety of reasons.  They often motivate people to train in the winter when their motivation is lacking.  Many times, they are just fun.  Winter races typically do not bring PRs.  But spring races....that is where you get to see all that hard work from the winter pay off. 

What will this new season of racing bring?  To be honest, I am  not sure.  I hope it will bring lots of PRs.  I do know this: I have put in many winter miles.  I have done long runs, tempo runs, speed work, short recovery runs.  I have had great runs and crappy runs.  One member of my running club always says, "Winter miles bring spring and summer smiles."  I sure hope so.

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  1. I absolutely love that quote - gonna write that one down. Good luck tomorrow!