Thursday, March 1, 2012

Good Bye February, Hello March

Miles in February

Running: 166
Biking: 168
Walking: 30
Elliptical: 1
Weights: 5
Laps in the Pool: 7

* * * * *

Year Totals (thus far)

Running - 339
Biking - 320

* * * * *

February's Goals were:

1.  Run a long, slow run every weekend.  - Success

2.  Run true tempo runs - did a couple, but not consistently. 

3.  Continue speed work - Success

4.  Swim.  -  Success - I got in the pool one time.

* *  * * *

February Thoughts...

I am tired of Winter.  I want warm weather and bright, sunny days.  I feel like I should not even be complaining since our winter was so mild, though.  I sick of my winter running wardrobe.

I never thought I would wear shorts outside when it is in the 30s, but I have started to run in them in the "cold" weather.  Many guys in my running group wear shorts year-round, and one day I didn't pack my running tights (I was at the gym beforehand, and don't go home until after running outside).  Therefore, I had to wear my shorts.  It wasn't too bad.  Since that day, I have worn shorts outside every day, but it has been really nice outside. 

I am three-fifths of the way done with marathon training.  March will be a big month for me.  I am looking forward to it because I signed up for two races - a 10k and a 5k.  It will be interesting to see what my 5k time will be - i am quite curious.  Then, on April 1, I have a half marathon. 

I am going to LA in less than a month.  I am soo excited. 

But, I am just as, if not more, excited for the Illinois Marathon because my friend is coming in for it.  She is going to run a PR at it...I just know, even if she is unaware of it. 

I am so excited for my Newton running shoes.  I ran in them last night and they felt great.  They are so bright  that some of my friend's at the gym were giving me a hard time.  They noticed my new shoes right away. 

* * * * *

How was your February?

Answer the question....If the weather is below ________F, I will not wear shorts.
Prior to this winter I would have said 55 degrees, but now it is much more like 35.  I am getting tougher!

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