Sunday, January 27, 2013

Boston Training Week 1

I started training for the Boston Marathon this week.  It is safe to say that I am the last person who qualified for the race to start training.  Due to being sick for 10 days at the end of December/beginning of January, and focusing on speed work for the Ice Breaker Marathon Relay, I lacked getting any long runs in.  Against all normalcy, I am completely OK with this.  I feel like I am decent shape, and although I am a good 4+ miles behind on my long run compared to where training plans say I should be, I'm not concerned.

What did I do this week, running-wise?

Monday - 10 miles at 9:13 pace.  The first 6 were with a friend from running club and were done at 9:30 pace, then I felt good so I picked up the pace for the last 4 I did solo.  This was a make-up long run from last week.  It was wicked cold and by the time I got done running it was -14*.  This was my coldest run outside, ever.  However, I was happy to get the miles in.

Tuesday - Rest.  I was completely exhausted from the race on Saturday, running on Sunday (although only 6 miles, and Monday's 10 miler) so I took the day off instead of doing speed work this week.  I'm trying to listen to my body more this training cycle.

Wednesday - 6 miles on the treadmill at 8:30ish pace average.  It has become so hard for me to run on the treadmill, but I got it done.

Thursday - 2 miles at 5:00 AM at 8:20 pace and 6 miles at 6:30 PM at 8:43 pace.  It felt good to run outside at night with my running club.  It always makes me happy.

Friday - 1 mile.  Once again, I was tired.  By the time I got to the gym it was already 6 PM and I wasn't feeling it.  Like I said on Tuesday, sometimes rest is more important.

Saturday - 15 miles at 9:00 pace on hills.  First training run for Boston is in the books and it could not have gone any better.  I felt great the entire time, and was a little disappointed to stop.  I love long, slow runs.

Sunday - 6 miles at 8:48 average with the running club.  I felt surprisingly good after my long run on Saturday and we picked it up at the finish.

Total mileage: 46 miles

It was a good week :)


  1. Yay! So happy your long run was great!!! Do you fit strength training in as well?

  2. I do. I'll post my cross-training next week. It is rather boring. Nothing as exciting as what your strength classes appear to be!

  3. Cool! I am always excited to see what other people are doing for strength. I like the new ideas ;) You know. In case I EVER work out on my own. LOL!