Monday, January 28, 2013

Steeple Chasing

It was an incredibly nice, balmy 48* today at 4:45 when I started to run.  Originally, I was going to take the day off, but I wanted to take advantage of this phenomenal weather.  I went to see my endocrinologist today, and ran on the path that I do 98% of my miles on, which is only 5 or so miles from is office.  Today, I ran the opposite direction to start as I normally do, which just felt odd.

The path was a mess.  There were so many puddles, small lakes in the middle of the path, and tons of mud.  My goal for today's run was to run every mile under 8:00 pace.  My tempo runs have been non-existence in the recent cold weather we've been having, so I wanted to run some fast-ish miles.  Or, at least get my legs moving.  The first and last mile of my out-and-back run were definitely the worst, water-wise.  My pre-run neon blue Newton's have now been speckled with brown from the mud.  It was like I was running in the steeple-chase, jumping over so many puddles.  And even though the run felt harder than it should've even though I made my sub-8 goal, I was just incredibly happy to be out there wearing capris in January.

I can't wait for tomorrow and the 60* weather that is predicted.  Perhaps I should move south....


  1. I am already planning my tank/shorts for today! Should be about 60 when I get out. Yay! Enjoy!

  2. Ha! It does sound like you were doing the Steeple Chase!

    I thought it was TOO warm during my run this am. We really are opposites in our heat preferences, aren't we? Have a good run today!!!