Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ice Breaker Splits

My track coach got us our splits, for which I have only 1 word:


To say I am shocked doesn't even come close.  

To recap, our team ran a 3:01:45, which averages out to a 6:56 average pace.

We ran 4 laps at a time, which we figured out was 1.09 miles.  Therefore, to get my pace, I added all of the seconds for my 4 laps and divided it by 1.09 on a running pace calculator website.  My stats looked like the following:

Rotation #1 average pace = 6:21

Rotation #2 average pace = 6:20

Rotation #3 average pace = 6:21

Rotation #4 average pace = 6:31

Rotation #5 average pace = 6:28

Rotation #6 average pace (was only 3 1/3 laps) = 6:20

Overall average pace = 6:24

A few final thoughts...

  • As you can see from my splits, the 4th time I ran was the slowest.  It also felt the most challenging, both physically and mentally.
  • The 2nd time I ran was my fastest, along with my last time.  I did feel really good the 2nd time I ran.  
  • I am shocked by how well I ran.  I can't believe it.  

And one more really important point.  One of my relay teammates put some pictures of us on Facebook, which was great.  It was fun to see how everyone looked while running.  Our first runner had her cheeks puffed out in her picture but she looked so determined.  Our 2nd runner looked so focused and strong.  Our 3rd runner had the look of sheer determination on her face.  My picture was a side view, as I had already passed the camera.  One teammate commented that I was our super-hero.  It is true that I was the fastest, but one person does not make up a team.  I couldn't have run as fast without their support and my track coach calling out my splits.  We all gave it everything we had, and I could not have been prouder to be part of the team.  I definitely don't view myself as the "hero" of the team, because in my mind we all demonstrated super-hero qualities during the race.

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  1. Aww, come on. You are definitely the super star!!! LOL, just teasin'! Those are killer stats though!