Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bandaids and More!

Could this be the name of a new store? I put 3 Band-aids on over my MiniLink and sensor last night and they stayed while I worked out today. I thought I felt the minilink bouncing around a little bit, but that was my imagination, or at least I think it was. I checked about every mile to see how it was doing, and it held tight the entire time. I was very sweaty today, so this is encouraging! Hopefully it will work again tomorrow. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Last night was not a good night. I woke up at about 3 am and felt sick. I have been having nighttime highs so even though the CGMS said 226 (my alarm is set to go off at 250), I checked on my machine and was 294. I bolused, but then felt worse as the night progressed. I ended up checking and bolusing every half hour or so. My 24-hr. graph does not look good right now! Anyway, I changed my pump site this morning because I know that I should have come down, at least a little bit. My little plastic "needle" thing was shaped like a candy cane at the end. Now it makes sense why the bolus corrections did not work. It took me all morning to recover from this, and finally by lunch I was able to eat and feel good again. Although, I did skip breakfast (well, I had a piece of green sugar-free finger jello because I was hungry). By lunch I was tired physically from not eating, but hungry.

Looking at my 3-hr. graph right now truly makes me happy. The line is practically straight. I am currently at a stable 109 according to it. However, I am hungry again so I am going to eat a snack, so I'm sure it will go up. Oh well, so is life.

I'm looking forward to the weekend. I need time to work on my action research project paper and catch up on other things, including sleep. The more sleep I get the better I am able to run. Lately I have not been getting enough which has negatively impacted my runs. I read on another blog that for every hour you get before midnight counts as double. I am going to test that theory tonight, and hopefully see the results tomorrow!

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