Tuesday, March 31, 2009

CGMS, running update

Although I have only been on my CGMS for a month and a half, I have definitely noticed some trends:

1. If I leave my senors in for 5 days, they work pretty well. It is when I leave it in for the 6th day that the readings are incredibly inaccurate. Today was day 6, and my CGMS was doing well up until noon. Then, it had major problems. I entered by lunch BG into the meter to calibrate it, and after that it was all downhill. My high alarm (set to 200) was going off immediately after I bolused for lunch. Now, I typically go up a little after I eat, but not very much. My CGM went up, up , up, up and stayed there. It had the double arrows going up, a message I have only seen one other time. To get to the point, it got all the way up to 307, but when I checked I was at 161. At this point I was at the gym, and the readings still said I was in the upper 200s, although I knew that was inaccurate while I was working out. Needless to say, I think I'll be changing it for sure every 5 days in the future.

2. Tough Bandaids are working like a dream. I bought the waterproof ones and they have stuck on me great, all five (or six) days. A fellow avid diabetic runner gave me this tip and makes me realize even more how important collaboration is in order to achieve ultimate success.

3. I got a quality run in yesterday, and have decided, as of now, to run a half marathon on Sunday. I have not prepared like how I normally prepare for my normal half marathons, so my time should be interesting. I am looking forward to running with my CGMS on and hopefully it will help me perform better. Each time my goal is the same: to improve. Therefore, I need to break the 1:50 mark on Sunday. I know I'll be excited and nervous...I am right now just writing about it! It will be the first race that my mom has not accompanied me to; hopefully it won't matter. I love running. :)

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