Wednesday, March 4, 2009


After getting my new pump and CGM last week, I had my training today with the pump educator. It was information overload, with her pretty much talking staright for 2 hours. I learn best in cases like this by doing it myself, prefereably at least twice. I got to try with an expired sensor, and then with my own, but I still feel very unprepared to do it on my own. I probably felt the same way about my pump, although I do not remember it.

With my pump, I set all of the settings on my own, and kept them like that for over two years. Seriously...they did not change at all. I never did basal testing to figure out what needed to be changed, though. I am excited that basal testing is going to be so much easier now! I think that I have my afternoon and early evening basals off, but I am not sure by how much. Now, figuring this out will become a task that is much easier for me.

One issue I have had so far with my CGM is keeping it stuck to my body. I sweat a lot when I run and today the clear tape stuff just peeeled right off during mile 4. I had to stop and figure out what to do. The pump educator told me about a guy who runs marathons who uses band-aids to secure it down. I did not have anything handy with me at the time, so remember this I went to the front desk and asked for 3 bandaids. I put them on, rand a mile and a more with a little trouble coming at the end of the second run. Two of the three bandaids cam unstuck to me.

I called the pump educator to tell her of my woes. She suggested trying the bandaid method and then to call her back tomorrow and let her know. She said that if that does not work, we'll get something else to work. I am going through CGM trial and error right now.

I must say that I love the fact that the graphs and the entire CGM is so mathematical. I love math. When I was a student, it was my favorite class; and it is my favorite class to teach my students. Being able to see the trends in my blood sugars is great, both the three hour and the twenty-four hour screens. I know that I will learn a lot about my body and insulin from them.

One small concern that I have is that I tested my blood sugar before dinner and it was 151 on my meter. Now, my CGM had me at a stable 100. I know that it measures different things, but 51 points seemed a little high to me. I am trusting it...right now it says that I am at a stable 119.

I could probably write pages upon pages about how much I love my CGM right now. There will be bumps along the way, like figuring out what makes it stick the best to my skin and others, but hopefully they will all get sorted out. Right now I am in a happy place, and want to remain there.


  1. I sweat very easily, and in the summer very heavily at times. As you've read from my blog I execise frequently too. What I've found to work VERY well at keeping my CGMS and Pump sites attached for a far longer period of time is "Benzoin Compound Tincture - 77%". It's labeled as an "Oral Mucosal Protectant", it is the most awesome thing for holding sites on for me though. I apply a little bit with a q-tip prior to insertion, then put a tegaderm over the sensor. In winter it stays for like 7 days solidly. In summer, it often has to be replaced 3 days in. I had to ask a few pharmacies here locally about it and finally found one that either kept it stocked or would order it for me. Try it. You probably won't use anything else afterwards.

  2. Mike - Thanks for the advice!