Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Heart my Endo and Happiness!

Today was pretty great for me. It started off good and pretty much kept getting better. To start my fabulous day, I wore a new coat that I purchased this weekend with my friends. Two of the people I live with said they liked it as I walked out the door this morning, which only made me smile. I love getting compliments.

I got to school and was productive. I took ½ of the day off in the afternoon because of my endo. Appointment. As I was leaving, I put on my coat and my students commented on how I “looked like a detective.” It made me smile again. One boy said, “Ooh. Miss ---, your coat is sweet!”

I went home for a bit to do a couple things before hitting the gym. This is the only not-so-great part of my day. When I got there my Bandaids were doing well and sticking, or so I though. I had successfully changed my CGM this morning and thought everything was running smoothly. I had prepared to run a long run of 10 miles and was getting ready. I had a stable 130 to start – perfect. I started at a good clip and ran the first 2.5 in 18+ minutes…then I began to feel the Bandaids come loose. This made me upset. I stopped running and went down to the locker room to put on more Bandaids. This was a little tricky because I was sweating and really, really wanted to get back to running.

I applied the Bandaids and they seemed to be doing okay. I wanted to make sure, so I hopped on the elipticle for a bit and realized that my newly-applied Bandaids were not sticking that great either. I ended up doing 3.5 miles on the elipticle and then went over to lift some weights. I was frustrated, but my frustration was overcome with excitement as I was going to see my endocrinologist.

Before I went I had made a list of all of the questions that I wanted to ask him…from CGM to pump site rotation to food. I had a lot of them…a whole typed page full. This may surprise you, but if you knew me, I ask a lot of questions and like them all to be answered. In this way, I am demanding and sure have annoyed various people with this personality trait. Oh well…
I had to wait 30 minutes before I actually saw my doctor. Before he came in the nurse downloaded my numbers from my meter and took my A1C. I sat in my little exam room solving Soduko puzzles the entire time, and actually finished the book I was working on.
Anyway, the endo. came in with an “observer” (she was kinda awkward, but whatever). Can I just say right now….I LOVE MY ENDO! We talked about everything on my list, all of my questions, issues I am having at night, CGM stuff, calibrations, my meter (and he gave me the updated version of it – now I have one that glows in the dark), running issues, etc. Near the end, I told him I was moving in the summer, but really, really, really, really wanted to keep him at my endo. He said that he has many out-of-state patients, and he would do that for me, but I need to get one in case something goes wrong in the suburbs. Yay! I get to keep my endo! Seriously, I bet you have never met a better endo. For lack of a better phrase, he is the bomb.

Drumroll please…my A1C was 5.7

I left the doc’s office feeling so good and happy. I know not all visits bring such happiness to my life, but this one was so nice. He is even bringing in a marathon pump-wearer to speak in April. Although, when I asked him about the date (I am going to visit my parents in Iowa/going to Chicago the week after Easter), he thought it might be the week I am gone. One of my friends suggested having him tape the speaker so I could watch it still. I’ll have to check on that…I’m sure it will happen.

Other news…the pump educator gave my email address to another runner that lives close to me. He emailed me yesterday and I am going to respond after I am done posting. The funny thing is that he has a diabetes and running blog ( ) and I had read it before. It is a small world. Anyway, I am hoping he can give me some good advice about pumping and running. I don’t really know any diabetic athletes in real life, so this is kind of exciting ( I only know my fellow bloggers).

Happiness was all around today. The weather was perfect and makes me want it to be summer even more now. You can’t beat walking out from a wonderful doctor’s visit to 70-degree and sunny weather. I am hoping to get in a nice, long, fast run tomorrow.

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