Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Itching to Race

I feel like I really do not have much to post today due to the length of yesterday's post and all that it entailed. I did a nice, steady 7.5 miles at the gym with 1.5 miles of "other stuff" for a total of 9. It is a bit bizarre right now because my body does not feel worn out from it. I did not push myself while doing the 7.5 today; tomorrow I hope to get in a nice, fast tempo run to get the muscles really working again after their small break due to CGM mishaps.

I am itching to compete right now. I want to run in a race so bad. I think I'm going to do the ORRC half marathon on April 5th and see what kind of time I can post. It will be interesting because all of my other long races I have had someone accompany me, hold my pump while I run and my other stuff so after the race I can test, etc. I like my mom to be that person - she was always there at the end of my cross-country races in high school but I know she won't come out for it (my parents are coming to visit me in a week and a half and I don't want to make her come out again, especially when I am visiting them the following week). The major deal before was what to do with the pump, however, now I want to wear my pump to get a better sense of where my numbers are. Overall, I feel like I am in decent enough shape to run a half. I'll just need to get in a few 10-milers and then I should be okay to go.

I think Daylight Savings Time has caught up to me. I was really tired the whole day. I am looking forward to a nice, long sleep tonight.

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