Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Internalizing the Issue

Extreme fatigue.  Feelings of not wanting to run.  Decreased hunger.  Sounds like symptoms of low iron, right? 

After feeling this way for the past 3+ weeks, I went to get my blood tests done.  Yesterday, I received a call from my doctor's nurse.  My doctor and her looked at my blood tests and she told me that, essentially, nothing is wrong with me.  Everything they tested came back in the normal range, except for my blood platelets.  However, the nurse told me that blood platelet counts fluctuate and I need to get it tested again.  However, after internet searching, low blood platelet count can lead to fatigue. 

I spent a few minutes pondering what this all meant for me.  If you are a teacher, or know one, you know that the month of May is crazy with everything that must be done.  I had the best class this year, but still, there are all of those other things that must get done - report cards, permanent records, planning field trips, telling parents how their child earned their grade...  This, paired with my exercise habits, left me feeling tired every day.  I also might need to eat more given the volume of my training.

Yesterday was the start of a new day, and new season.  I'm so happy it is summer.  I am also happy that nothing is wrong with me.  Here is my action plan to get back in shape:

  1. Sleep more!  At least 8.5 hours a night.
  2. Eat more fruits and vegetables.  I already eat a lot, but eating more might give me more energy to complete my workouts at a higher quality.
  3. Relax.  During the school year I am always in a "go, go, go" state.  I need to take some time off once in a while.
  4. Eat at least 3 grains a day.  I'm a big fan of fruits and vegetables, but could care less about the grain group. 
Hopefully by following these 4 steps I'll be able to get back in shape, and quickly. 

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  1. Good luck! I know I should follow those tips too!