Thursday, June 30, 2011

June Review and Stats

I cannot believe the year is already half over.  It seems like it just started.  I can remember being a little kid, thinking a year was an eternity, and my mom telling me that the older you get, the faster the years go.  She is so true! 

June was a great month for my training.  I am happy with my stats, especially with the fact that I bike 200 miles...that is practically double what I biked in May.  Here are the rest of June's stats...

Total Miles: 397
Miles Run: 143.9
Miles Biked: 200
Miles Walked: 25
Elliptical Miles: 26.9
Stair Master Miles: 1.2
Weights: 9 times

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
Book of the Month: Sisterhood Everlasting by Ann Brashares --> it was good, but not as good as I thought it would be. 

Song of the Month: Till Kingdom Come by Coldplay

Obsession of the Month: Trying to figure out my end of summer/fall race schedule - how many races to run, what distances, how far I want to travel for them, etc.

Drink of the Month: could it not be in hot weather?

Current Wish List: Same as always, to be healthy and injury-free.

Current Need: To run hills in preparation for the Insulindepence NW Passage Ragnar Relay.  My leg elevation charts looks like I'll be climbing mountains. 
Triumph of the Month: I think this one gets four.  First, having great Madison to Chicago Ragnar Relay runs.  Second, completing my second duathlon.  Third, completing the Metric Century Tour de Cure.  Finally, finding an awesome running group.  I'm hoping that I'll be able to break 1:40 now that I'm doing more speed work.

Current Bane of my Existence:  Heat indexes above is just not pleasant to run when it is that hot outside.  I could ring out my shirt from sweat after today's run.  Disgusting.
Current Blessing: Summer vacation...I do love thee!  And remaining injury-free.
Current Excitement: Running-wise: NW Passage Relay.  Life-wise: Going to the Brewers game on Monday with my family - it is a tradition.  Go Brewers!

Current Goal: Be injury-free and my marathon training long runs.

In other news, I've already run 835.4 miles this year and biked 819.6.  This is the first year I've actually logged my workout data, and can't believe how many miles I've logged. 

How was your June?


  1. I need alot of hill work as well

    Congrats on all the triumphs, metric centuries are my favorite rides to do.

  2. Nice month!! I cannot believe the year is half over either...