Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July

Sometimes life just goes too quickly.  I hope you had a great 4th of July.

I've noticed that most people really like a certain holiday.  Some people love the 4th of July, however, I am not one of those people.  Fireworks are rather boring to me.  If you've seen them once, you've seen them a million times.  I really like Christmas because it is always different. 

I spent my 4th of July here...

At Miller Park in Milwaukee watching the Brewers vs. Diamondbacks.  My parents and I always go to a Brewers game in the summer because I'm a Brewers fan.  Typically, we sit two rows from the Brewers dugout, which are awesome seats.  This year we sat between home and third base.  It was interesting to get a different perspective of the ball game. 

The beginning of the game started off rather slowly.  There wasn't a whole lot of hitting going on the first 3 innings.

But then the Brewers got the bases loaded with two outs. 

Prince got on base.

Unfortunately, the pitcher was up to bat.  He had a batting average of 100.  If you know anything about baseball, then you know that he is not very good.  However....he hit a grand slam!  It was awesome!!!  The crowd went wild.   Bernie went down the slide, like he always does when the Brewers hit a home run.

One of my favorite parts of the game is in the bottom of the 6th inning when they have the sausage race.  The five racers are the brat, Italian, Polish, hot dog, and chorizo.  Apparently they are serious runners, as they need to get warmed up before their race.

I totally want to dress up as one in my next race!  Just kidding...I don't dress up for races.

The chorizo ended up winning the race, barely beating out the brat.

It was a really good game, but the Brewers lost, 6-8.  There were over 26 hits in the game, which made it exciting to watch. 

Do you dress up for races?  Would you be a brat, Italian, Polish, hot dog, or chorizo for a race?

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  1. Love Miller Park! We go there every year to catch a Cub/Brewer game. I love dressing up for races, but not quite to that scale! I'd have to go POLISH since that's what I am!