Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Leaving on Jet Plane...

Even though I'm leaving to go to Seattle tomorrow for the NW Passage Ragnar Relay, I do know when I'll be back again. 

Today was busy cleaning, packing, organizing, re-packing, and running.  It was hot once again.  Apparently the heat index was close to 110 degrees.  My car only thought it was 100, though.

I ran 7 miles alone.  It took some motivation to get me out of the door due to the extreme heat, but I was glad that I did.  I love running.

When I got back, I continued to pack.  The comical thing is that here it is above 100, but one of the recommend things to bring for the race was hand warmers (gloves).  This just does not seem right.

Various gloves to run in...and throw-away if need be.  And my extra warm mittens.  I get cold really easily and think I might need them, especially at night.  You can also see the Runner's Stick...something I've taken with me for my previous 2 Ragnars.  Don't leave home without it!

My various jackets...rain, light running, and my warm fleece North Face.  I <3 North Face.

I still have a few things left to pack and then I need to get to bed.  I have to leave by 4:50 to get to the airport on time.  I haven't gotten up that early since....???

Are you a cold person?  I'm almost always cold.  I have been known to wear sweatshirts when it is 80 degrees outside.  My grandma once nicknamed me "freeze cat" because I'm always cold. 

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  1. Ahh North Face. You'll fit in so perfectly in Seattle. :) Good luck with the Ragnar Relay!