Monday, July 25, 2011

NW Passage Ragnar Relay Race Recap

Ragnar Slogan: Run.  Eat. Sleep?  Repeat.

My experience: Fly.  Eat.  Sleep?  Eat.  Run.  Eat.  Run.  Sleep.  Run.  Sleeeepppp.  Eat.  Sleep.  Fly.

The Pacific Northwest is gorgeous.  The beauty there is far superior to what we have in the Midwest.  It almost made me want to move out there, but the fact that I had to wear some of my winter clothing in mid-July helped me decide that Illinois is better for me. 

I know I could write a lot about this trip.  Half of Ragnar is running, but the other part is being in a van with the same people for a long time.  Due to a variety of reasons, I am only going to write about my runs.

This was my first experience in Van #1 for Ragnar.  I like being in Van #2 soooo much better.

As the race organizers were calling teams to the start line, the only song that I had going through my head was "Number 1"  by Nelly because I was runner #1.  I am number 1....

Run #1: 6.3 miles/7:20 pace
This was the start of Ragnar and I was a little nervous about there not being many people to run with.  I made up in my mind that I wanted to race this leg as a 10k race, and kind-of did that.  I would have PR'd by over 5 minutes if it was a real race.  This leg was on one road and pretty boring.  There were only trees to look at.  I wish I had my music, but decided to leave it in the van beforehand.  I think there were 15 teams that started the same time we did, and I came into the transition in 3rd, but the first girl. 

Run #2: 4.4 miles/7:21 pace
My second run was great.  I still had a lot of energy and knew that I would need it for the hill in the middle of the run.  I had a lot of road kills on this leg and that felt good, especially after not having any the first leg.  There was a monster hill in the middle of my leg, 1/3 of a mile and +200 feet elevation.  I was nervous, but it was not as bad as it seemed. 

Run #3: 7.8 miles/??? pace
My Garmin stopped working after mile 5 on this run.  It was having problems and kept switching screens, going to the GPS screen.  I will now use the lock screen on my long runs.  After 5 miles, my pace was 8:21.  Considering the elevation, and that this was my third leg, I was pleased.  I didn't try to run too hard.  It was dark, but I ran by the water and could hear it.  It was so peaceful and calming. 

After I returned home on Sunday I was talking to some friends.  After hearing what I said, they asked if I was glad I decided to do the race.  I am always happy to run a race.  It was a good experience.  Were there things that I wish were different?  Of course, but life isn't perfect.  Were there things that were great?  Yes, and I wouldn't want those to change. 

Have you ever participated in a Ragnar?  Or, would you want to participate in a Ragnar?

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